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What is TPU yarn? What are the characteristics of TPU yarn?

TPU yarn is a new type of textile environmental protection material. It is processed into a certain fineness by using various textile fibers and TPU materials. The unit of TPU yarn is mainly expressed by Daniel, i.e. the weight gram of 9000m length fibers is expressed as g/9000m. The color and fineness can be customized according to needs.

Main Characteristics of TPU Yarn:

1.High elasticity, wear resistance, high strength, anti-skid, hydrolysis resistance, low temperature flexibility;
2.Thermosetting 3D effect, easy to compound, superfine, easy to printing, shape memory;
3.Mildew fungus resistance, anti-static, anti-UV, breathable and moisture permeable, fire-retardant, matt effect, etc.

Application Range of TPU Yarn:


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